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Publications and Writings

2012. We Are Still Didene: Stories of Hunting and History from Northern British Columbia. Toronto: University of Toronto Press.

Peer-reviewed Journal Articles
McIlwraith, Thomas and Raymond Cormier. 2016. Making Place for Space: Land Use and Occupancy Studies, Counter-Mapping, and the Supreme Court of Canada’s Tsilhqot’in Decision . BC Studies. 188(Winter):35-53.
2015. The Splatsin Cooke Creek Culture Camp and the Ironies of Access to the Shuswap River. Canadian Journal of Native Studies. 35(2):153-181.
2012. “A Camp is a Home and Other Reasons Why Indigenous Hunting Camps Can’t Be Moved Out of the Way of Resource Developments.” The Northern Review. 36(2):97-126.
[An ungated version of this paper is available here.]

2008. “The Bloody Moose Got Up and Took Off”: Talking Carefully About Food Animals in a Northern Athabaskan Village. Anthropological Linguistics. 50(2):125-147.

2008. Co-author, with John Alderete (Simon Fraser University). Annotated Bibliography of the Tahltan Language and Related Sources. Northwest Journal of Linguistics 2(1):1-26.

1996. “The Problem of Imported Culture: The Construction of Contemporary Stó:lo Identity,” American Indian Culture and Research Journal. Vol. 20(4).

Book Reviews
2015. Review of Holden, Josh, Benasní—I Remember: Dene Sųłiné Oral Histories with Morphological Analysis (Leiden/Boston: Brill. 2013), in Anthropological Linguistics, 57(3).
2011, Spring. Review of Tobias, Terry, Living Proof: The Essential Data-Collection Guide for Indigenous Use-and-Occupancy Map Surveys, in BC Studies, Vol. 169:143.

2004. Review of Harkin, Michael, The Heiltsuks: Dialogues of Culture and History on the Northwest Coast, in Ethnos. Vol. 69(4):560-561.

Linguistic Documentation
Alderete, John D. and Tad McIlwraith. 2009; ongoing. Tahltan Language Dialogues; transcription, linguistic and cultural notations. Unpublished manuscript, Simon Fraser University.

Alderete, John D. and Tad McIlwraith. 2007. A catalogue of the Tahltan Stories of Rose Dennis. Unpublished manuscript, Simon Fraser University and Douglas College. [Archives of the Tahltan Central Council]

Community Publications, Creative Works, and Reports
2012. Editor, with Kathleen Morin, Peter Morin, and Helen Marzolf. My Story of Making and Sewing Hides, by Penny Louie, Tahltan-Kaska Elder. Victoria: Open Space Arts Society.

2010. Why Aboriginal Hunting Camps Can’t Be Moved Away from Proposed Mines (poster); prepared for the Celebration of Teaching, Learning and Scholarly Activity, Douglas College.

2007. Editor. The Tahltan Stories of Rose Dennis (with Freddie Vance). Manuscript prepared with John D. Alderete, Simon Fraser University.

2007. Photographer. The First Nations of British Columbia: An Anthropological Survey. By, Robert J. Muckle. Vancouver: UBC Press. (Three of my photographs are published in this book. The pictures are here, here, and here.)

2005. Editor. “Traditional Medicines and Remedies of the Iskut People,” by Iskut Elders and the Iskut Valley Health Services. Self-published booklet funded by the Iskut Valley Health Services.

2003. Editor, co-author with Iskut Village Elders. “’Kuji K’at Dahdahwhesdetch’ (Now I Told All of You): Stories Told at Iskut, British Columbia, by Iskut Tahltan Elders.” Self-published booklet funded by the Endangered Languages Fund.

Unpublished Research Reports
2013. Splatsin Historical and Cultural Connections with the Columbia River and Arrow Lakes of British Columbia. Prepared for the Splatsin First Nation Department of Title and Rights, Enderby, British Columbia.

2013. Yekooche First Nation, Review of Ethnographic and Historical Sources: Response to Ministry of Justice, Legal Services’ Branch. Prepared for the Yekooche First Nation, Yekooche, British Columbia.

2011. Notes on the Splatsin Southern Boundary with an Emphasis on Silver Star and Spallumcheen (Otter) Lake, in the North Okanagan. Prepared for the Splatsin First Nation Department of Title and Rights, Enderby, British Columbia.

2010. Harry Chingee: His Story of a Life Lived As a Hunter, Trapper, Logger and Sekani Headman. Prepared for the Chingee Family, McLeod Lake, British Columbia.